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Strategic Solutions for Organizational Impact

I have a passion for finding solutions! For over three decades I have been working with organizations to identify solutions that turn challenges into opportunities - solutions that move an organization to its next life cycle.  


Is your organization looking for a path to deliver its mission in a sustainable and strategic way?  Learn more about how my services can help.


About Me

jane griffin

With decades of experience as a non-profit leader, I understand the array of challenges a non-profit faces.  The daily challenges often impede an organization’s ability to strategically put systems in place to effectively deliver services in a sustainable manner. 
I can help!  I draw on my diverse experience and analytical skills to identify systems geared toward sustainability. I combine my entrepreneurial spirit with my passion and strong communication skills to creatively identify innovative solutions for your organization - to generate results. 



Solutions that work across sectors

My services are designed to strategically position your organization for the long-term delivery of its mission. I focus on these key areas:

Revenue Development

Funding your mission is critical 

I draw on over 18 years of revenue development experience and offer an array of services to maximize your revenue streams, whether it be creating an overall revenue development strategy to gearing up for and conducting a capital campaigns or grant-writing,  Learn more about how I can help you fund your mission

Communications Strategy Development

Telling your story is more important than ever.  I can work with  you to develop a strategy and achievable communications plan for your organization.  A strategy to make sure your great story is heard.  Learn more about how I can help your organization share its story.

Strategic Planning

We all know that having everyone: your board and team on the same page, is critical to mission delivery. I pull on my relator, achiever and communication skills to engage you and your team in the beneficial process of strategic planning.  Learn more about how I can help your organization plan for meaningful mission delivery

Reach Your Goals, creatively

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