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Communications Strategy Development

communications strategy development

I began JG Creative Consulting because of my dedication to helping people and organizations reach their potential. Communication is key! 
Identifying the opportunities to better communicate with constituents, to share your success and to generate engagement is what I can help you and your team do.  
Whether you are rolling out a new program, or interested in increasing the effectiveness of your outreach efforts, or want to improve internal communications in your organization I can help.
I will:
Listen and Identify solutions that work for you


Oftentimes, when management brings in a consultant, shivers run through an organization. Employees may feel fear, resentment, or both.
But Jane Griffin is such a good and gracious listener that our staff embraced her. Just as important, she really got to know Lincoln Literacy before dispensing advice.
Furthermore, her methodical approach to complex challenges allowed all the stakeholders to understand and contribute to a great result. 

- Clayton Naff, Executive Director Lincoln Literacy

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