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Strategic Solutions for Organizational Impact

I have a passion for finding solutions! For over three decades I have been working with organizations to identify solutions that turn challenges into opportunities - solutions that move an organization to its next life cycle.  


Is your organization looking for a path to deliver its mission in a sustainable and strategic way?  Learn more about how my services can help.


About Me

jane griffin

With decades of experience as a non-profit leader, I understand the array of challenges a non-profit faces.  The daily challenges often impede an organization’s ability to strategically put systems in place to effectively deliver services in a sustainable manner. 
I can help!  I draw on my diverse experience and analytical skills to identify systems geared toward sustainability. I combine my entrepreneurial spirit with my passion and strong communication skills to creatively identify innovative solutions for your organization - to generate results. 


Solutions that work across sectors

Planning & Strategy Development

Jane can help you develop new strategies to serve your clients, to attract new clients or to streamline your work.

Community Relations & Engagement

Looking for ways to be a recognized partner in your community?  Great idea! Jane has extensive experience to help you develop a mutually beneficial relationship within your local community.

Project Management

As an action-oriented and detail-minded person, Jane can provide the strategic oversight required to move projects from an idea to successful implementation.

Revenue Development

Funding your mission is critical 

I draw on over 18 years of revenue development experience and offer an array of services to maximize your revenue streams, from grant-writing to overall revenue strategy development. Learn more about how I can help you fund your mission

Communications Strategy Development

Telling your story is more important than ever.  I can work with  you to develop a strategy and achievable communications plan for your organization.  A strategy to make sure your great story is heard.  Learn more about how I can help your organization share its story.

Reach Your Goals, creatively

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