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strategic planning

Really? Do we need to? 
My answer is yes, but there are few things
that you must first commit to:

*Being Dedicated: your team must buy in to the process, if you are doing it to check off a box
then it is not worth it.
*Making it a work in progress: a plan is great, but if it is not a living/working document
then it is not worth it.
*Measuring your progress: you must include ways you will measure your progress, otherwise - yep, you got it, it's not worth it.
Through an engaging process I can help you create a plan that will serve your organization, as you seek to better serve your constituents.



Jane did an outstanding job of encouraging discussion around the different parts of the plan, pulling out new ideas or directions, and moving the conversation forward.


When our time was up, I was surprised at how much we had accomplished, how smoothly everything went throughout the meeting. We had a fun and lively debate about various pieces. 


Jane's skills and personality were a large part of this work, it's thanks to her that we were able to do so much in such a short time. 

Melissa Filipi, Board Member

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