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Jane partnered with us to complete a federal grant application, her thoughtful and excellent advice were instrumental in getting the application finalized. Jane’s editorial skills and thoughtful knowledge of how to best craft the application were invaluable. I look forward to the next opportunity to work together.

Loel Brooks, Universal Broadband Consulting, Ltd.

does jane have thorough grantwriting knowledge

Does Jane Connect?

Often times, when management brings in a consultant, shivers run through an organization. Employees may feel fear, resentment, or both. But Jane Griffin is such a good and gracious listener that our staff embraced her. Just as important, she really got to know Lincoln Literacy before dispensing advice. Furthermore, her methodical approach to complex challenges allowed all the stakeholders to understand and contribute to a great result. 

- Clayton Naff, Executive Director (ret) Lincoln Literacy

I have worked with Jane on many different occasions, she is one of those people who just gets it! Her ability to brainstorm and solve problems has always left me in awe!  Our community is lucky to be able to tap into her knowledge and expertise!

— Molly Coke, Chief Client Experiences Office, Firespring

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does jane understand the number game?

I have had the opportunity to work with Jane, her skill set and leadership attributes are of the highest level. This has been evident when working with a team, nonprofit and various projects.  

- Lanelle Herink, CPA Partner HBE 

"Jane did an amazing job working with our board during a review of our strategic plan.  Prior to the meeting, she was responsive, available and did all her homework to come prepared.  In addition, her facilitation skills were exactly what we needed to make sure we used our time as efficiently as possible.  She was extremely kind, and at the same time was able to push us forward when we needed."

~ Jason Varga, Executive Director of Cause Collective.

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